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All of the marker buoys and unmanned communications satellites around the outer rim of Federation space need to be monitored and maintained, which is where the tenders come in. Seen as the lowest rung on the Border Service ladder, they are assignments that many try to avoid when possible.

The U.S.S. Saginaw is a tender that does a lot of work with the Third Cutter Squadron. A retired Oberth-Class ship, it was brought up to the minimal operational level and put to work.

The Senior Staff onboard are:

Commanding Officer - Commander J. Ulysses Kane (Human)
In the regular Fleet he had serious problems with authority and was eventually transferred to the Border Service, where he found that his unorthodox ways were appreciated. He has begun to rebuild his career, grateful for the second chance he has been given. He previously served as First Officer on the Obion until just after the Talarian Incursion, when he was offered his own command—something he never expected to achieve.
First/Chief Operations Officer - Lieutenant Isabella Nutini (Human)
She was among the survivors of the U.S.S. T’Vor, which was destroyed by the Talarians. A thorough officer, her work cannot be faulted, but her personal life gets some scrutiny—she has a voracious sexual appetite, which she enjoys with anyone willing and able. If it weren’t for an incident with the husband of an admiral, she would have had a promising career in Starfleet.
Second/Assistant Chief Operations Officer - Ensign Oren (Tzrin)
From a species that look very young for their age, he has had a tough time being taken seriously by others. This has left him despondent and somewhat insubordinate, which was why he was transferred to the Saginaw. Expecting the same behaviour, he was surprised by Commander Kane, though is still suspicious.
Chief of the Boat - Chief Petty Officer Entirojj (Boslic)
Brash and cocky, he has gained his promotions due to his daring and bravery (often which involved running into dangerous situations without thinking). He was put onto the Saginaw to try and teach him restraint and patience, but has left him antsy and eager to get onto any other ship.
Senior Engineer - Petty Officer 1st Class Lloyd Wallis (Human)
Introverted, timid, shy and quiet are all good descriptions for him. Appointed to his post when Commander Kane came aboard, he hates being in the limelight and responsible for others—preferring to hide away somewhere to fix and tinker with the ship’s systems. Now in charge of the small engineering staff, he is well beyond his comfort zone.
Senior Flight Controller - Petty Officer 2nd Class Karen Reyes (Human)
A former Boomer, she signed up for Starfleet after the freighter she was on was destroyed by Klingons and she was one of the three survivors. A gutsy pilot, she isn’t afraid to take the difficult path. A few months after Commander Kane took charge of the Saginaw, they began a tentative relationship.
Corpsman/Environmental Specialist - Petty Officer 3rd Class Shaalari zh’Hyen (Andorian)
A woman who is definitely more Border Dog than healer, throwing herself into action before anything else. The fact that she is the best marksman on the ship says it all. She is a decent medic; just don’t expect a warm welcome or caring bedside manner. Her assignment to the Saginaw is intended to get her priorities readjusted.
Commander Austin Harris, First Officer, Deep Space Nine (by FltCpt. Bossco)
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