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Re: If annother Trek series was being made, what would you want in it?

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Star Trek without aliens would be like Dark Shadows without vampires.

I don't see the point.
Never said "without aliens" Greg.

I said "main cast".
But where's the fun in that? Can you imagine TOS without Spock? He was the most popular character! Or TNG without Worf? Or DS9 without Quark or Odo or Dax or Kira? Or Voyager without the EMH or Seven of Nine?

If you want an all-human cast, why not just watch Law & Order?

Star Trek has always welcomed regular characters from strange new worlds and new civilizations. That's kind of its mission statement.

I mean, what on Earth (or Vulcan) do you gain by getting rid of all the cool alien regulars? They're usually the most interesting ones!

(And I'm not going to even touch the white, Christian men thing. Star Trek ditched that "preference" almost fifty years ago--and good riddance!)
As a fairly new commenter let me just make it very clear that my comment was a tongue in cheek response to Knight Templar regarding his preference for the most bland cast of all time. It was a joke but I don't know if he is joking or not when he says that those are his preferences. I think most people know that I am joking but you never know how someone might take that comment our of context.
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