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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

I have a certain nostalgic fondness for the Reb Brown Captain America movies, I guess because they were my first exposure to the concept so I was able to judge them as they were rather than in comparison to what they were (extreeeeeeeeemely loosely) based on.

It helps that they aren't actually claiming their lead is the "real" Cap, but is rather the son of the original WWII hero and is continuing his legacy, albeit in a '70s "travel the byways on a quest to find the real America" sort of way. True, they did imply that the original Captain America never wore a costume, but the idea is there. And the costume '70s Cap wore in the second movie, aside from having a motorcycle helmet and Lucite shield, was actually pretty authentic to the original design.

Plus they've got a cool Mike Post-Pete Carpenter main title theme.
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