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Re: Your favourite Batman...

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Depends what you want in a comic or animation. If Batman comics of the '70s-'90s had been continuing what we saw on '60s TV I wouldn't have bothered with them. And while I enjoy B-TAS there is stuff in there I'd have a hard time accepting in a live-action feature.

Dialing back the grittiness we got with the Nolanverse could work, but if you dial it back too far then it's a question of whether you start turning some people off. Are audiences now ready to accept a Batman feature done in the tone of the Marvel films? Probably. Any lighter or sillier than that? I don't know.

This brings Game Of Thrones to mind. Most sword-and-sorcery leaves me cold because I can't believe in the setting. But GoT shows a world that is much more credible even if it's a fiction. It's quite easy to suspend disbelief.

Superheroes by their very nature are also a fantasy. But Batman is one of the few exceptions because he isn't superpowered and so it becomes easier to put him into a more realistic setting. I emphasize realistic as opposed to real because we're still dealing with fiction and extraordinary elements.

I really enjoyed The Avengers but I do recall thinking along the same lines as a lot of other people after the big climactic battle: where was the reference to the extensive casualties among civilians that such an attack would have wrought? The Avengers was sanitized to make it accessible to a broad audience, but some of the omissions were hard to swallow.

If you're going to go goofy then how about something more like The Incredibles? Or Kick-Ass if you really want irreverent parody?
I'm with you. Batman as goofy clown is best left in the past. Audiences today are looking for that dark hero not someone to dance the bat-tusi.
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