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Re: Your favourite Batman...

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^But before you weren't talking about your own personal preferences, you were talking about whether "audiences" were "ready to accept" a lighter Batman. Those are two completely different conversations.
Except that audiences have generally not gravitated toward the lighter Batman in the same way that they have the darker toned films.

Hell the "lighter toned" Live action Batman films are roundly creditied with killing the film franchise until Nolan ressurected it with a darker more realistic approach.

You know, one of the more interesting things that I noticed about Brave and the Bold was that Batman himself, was not all that silly. He was actually played pretty straigt. It was the world around him that was frequently goofy and over the top. In fact there were times when he seemed downright annoyed at the foolishness around him (not unlike his depiction in the old JLI comics).
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