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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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And in some ways, that Changeling lives on inside Odo... even though it doesn't change him in the slightest and he never mentions it again.
Well, from this moment on Odo lets his emotions dictate his actions a lot more, which you can consider the baby changeling's influence, if you feel inclined to do such things. A Simple Investigation is not long after this, and after that there's the Occupation Arc and then his romance with Kira.

Anyway, I like The Begotten more than you and would probably have given it four stars. Both Odo's relationship with dr. Mora and the baby changeling were very well done and touching, and René Auberjonois' acting really sold the fact that he wasn't just talking to a glass of drink. The Kira story was okay, I guess, just a few silly gags and Shakaar being nothing but Kira's shallow love interest, I guess. The scene at the end was a nice touch.
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