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Not all the time they were deviants. I think it was recut 61 where Picard first expressed human emotions blubbering away over the fate of this robot character while watching some video! It is totally OTT!
Picard was watching the movie Short Circuit, which I believe was a reference to this episode of gazorra's TNG edits. GeneralGrin's Recut series was heavily influenced by gazorra; Picard's singing causing fights to break out, Data's obscene unicorn paintings, and the insane amount of gay sex taking place on the Enterprise all came from gazorra.

Anyway, sorry about the delay, I keep finding myself in arguments in other areas of the board.

The Begotten (***)

Once again, another difficult episode to rate here. On the one hand, it's a great character-piece for Odo, a chance for him to revisit his past and his feelings about Dr Mora. On the other hand, Odo regaining his shape-shifting ability closes the door on a chapter for his character that wasn't nearly explored enough. That aspect of the story had a sub-plot in Apocalypse Rising, played a big role in The Ascent, had a handful of other scenes throughout the season, and that's it. It seems to me that so much more could have been done there, that there was still more to explore, but it's dropped so that the show can return to the original status quo. The sad thing is that it wasn't necessary, Odo didn't need to regain his powers at this point in the series, and there were better opportunities for that later.

Otherwise, this is a great episode for Odo. In some ways it is going over old ground that was already addressed back in The Alternate, but where that episode skimmed the subject and focused instead on a monster-of-the-week story, The Begotten delves into the subject in a much more satisfying way. It's a little disappointing that the episode ends with the baby Changeling dying in something of a reset button, but it makes for a nice bittersweet ending. And in some ways, that Changeling lives on inside Odo... even though it doesn't change him in the slightest and he never mentions it again.

Then there's the b-plot where Kira gives birth. I suppose this is a necessary evil of sorts, Kira has to give birth to end that story-arc, and it would be a cop-out to not do it on-screen, but the whole thing is a little goofy and gets in the way of the much more interesting a-plot. Once again, it has a nice bittersweet ending, and it's a pity that the show didn't explore the loss Kira feels as a surrogate mother in later episodes, but it gives us a nice moment where Odo and Kira get to reflect on their experiences of losing a child that wasn't really theirs.

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