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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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^I'm guessing that WB will be looking at the reception The Amazing Spider-man has received. While it's done well (if not amazingly well) commercially and critically, the main gripe with it has been 'another origin story so soon?' So while I do expect the next Batman movie to be a reboot, I'm guessing that they'll bypass the origin, perhaps showing it in flashback like, well, Batman (1989).
While it's not going to lose any money it's going to finish WW below even the lowest Rami film with inflation and 3-D. It's not yet to $700m WW and it's already seriously tapering off domestically at just over it's production budget.
I'm not prone to call that successful reboot when looking at the ledger balance in perspective.

The origin from the '89 film, which I still love as a Batman film over the Nolan films, should be the way they go next time. Batman is just such a backseat secondary character in his own films with Nolan that I'll be glad to get back to having Batman as the star of a Batman film.

others have already pointed this out, but your criticism is pretty much the opposite from the view at the time. Michael Keaton himself said that Burton's films didn't care about Batman, that they were much more about the villains as the center focus. If you look at actual onscreen time for Batman in both Burton films it's not very high. Nolan's trilogy, in contrast, consciously put Bruce Wayne in the center of them.

Not to say that you're wrong of course, since it's basically one's point of view, but that is a very different take from the mainstream consensus on it.
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