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Re: Your favourite Batman...

Depends what you want in a comic or animation. If Batman comics of the '70s-'90s had been continuing what we saw on '60s TV I wouldn't have bothered with them. And while I enjoy B-TAS there is stuff in there I'd have a hard time accepting in a live-action feature.

Dialing back the grittiness we got with the Nolanverse could work, but if you dial it back too far then it's a question of whether you start turning some people off. Are audiences now ready to accept a Batman feature done in the tone of the Marvel films? Probably. Any lighter or sillier than that? I don't know.

This brings Game Of Thrones to mind. Most sword-and-sorcery leaves me cold because I can't believe in the setting. But GoT shows a world that is much more credible even if it's a fiction. It's quite easy to suspend disbelief.

Superheroes by their very nature are also a fantasy. But Batman is one of the few exceptions because he isn't superpowered and so it becomes easier to put him into a more realistic setting. I emphasize realistic as opposed to real because we're still dealing with fiction and extraordinary elements.

I really enjoyed The Avengers but I do recall thinking along the same lines as a lot of other people after the big climactic battle: where was the reference to the extensive casualties among civilians that such an attack would have wrought? The Avengers was sanitized to make it accessible to a broad audience, but some of the omissions were hard to swallow.

If you're going to go goofy then how about something more like The Incredibles? Or Kick-Ass if you really want irreverent parody?
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