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Re: How would you improve Insurrection?

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We already had a thread discussing how to improve Nemesis, so I thought it be fun to to discuss ways to improve Insurrection.

Sfdebris had the idea of making the moral conflict more grey and having half the crew side with the Federation and the other half side withe Ba'ku.
Sfdebris had a good idea with the whole "family fight" thing. If you look at Insurrection, all the parts are there for a very dramatic and powerful story. It was just horribly thrown together.

It certainly doesn't help that the Baku are so self-righteous and entitled that I have a very hard time feeling sorry for them. They apparently don't even consider the prospect of the 600 of them living out a normal life to help out billions. "No our immortality is too more important than those outsiders petty lives. Now fight our war for us, and get me a martini while I wait."
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