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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Yet that's just what we got with the last pair of Sherlock Holmes and 2 Bond movies.
The RDJ Sherlock Holmes movies aren't an origin. The first film opens with Holmes and Watson an established duo and Watson contemplating retirement.
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The origin from the '89 film, which I still love as a Batman film over the Nolan films, should be the way they go next time. Batman is just such a backseat secondary character in his own films with Nolan that I'll be glad to get back to having Batman as the star of a Batman film.
I don't know how you could argue that. The Burton films were totally about the villains. Nolan's first movie was so revolutionary because Bruce was actually the centre of the movie; the later two had larger casts, but were still far more about Bruce than any of the previous Batman movies.
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