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More post-mortem: Is Lenore Case the most-underutilized female lead in history? Did she do anything except answer the phone and chirpily defend the Hornet the whole series? Heck, I don't think she ever left Reid's office.
She did help out slightly with the bomb in Britt's office in the final episode, but not as much as one would've expected given her previous support for the Hornet. And yeah, I think you're right -- her every scene was in either Britt's office or her own outer office.

(Also, according to the credits in episode 1, she was actually Leonore Case here rather than Lenore.)

For what it's worth, on radio, Casey didn't learn Britt was the Green Hornet until 1948, and this serial was made in '39 and released in '40. So her role would necessarily have been more limited than it was by the time the '60s TV series came along. Plus it was the '40s and she was a secretary. Lois Lane was a reporter and Margot Lane was a socialite. Secretary was a more constrained role.
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