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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Huh, I'm having a hard time believing I forgot to mention that line, but sure enough, facts are facts. I actually paraphrased that line at Ben Browder once during a convention. I was working with the Save Farscape campaign, and had a few opportunities to speak with Browder and several other cast members for a short while. A few hours into the event, he asked me if I wanted anything signed or something. I was holding a Star Trek snowglobe in my hand at the time, so I decided to be a bit meta for a moment and ordered that he sign my snowglobe, or I'd cover him in, er, little white sprinkles of pseudo-snow.

Thankfully, he got the joke. Which is... really impressive, actually.

B5's pilot was definitely more of a clunker; I just think several of the performances in the Farscape pilot are very underwhelming. One thing that sticks out to me is the D'Argo/Zhaan scene shortly after the ship's escape; it just feels really weak, although I can feel Simcoe and Hey doing their best with the material.
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