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Did it bother anybody else that the circus was in flames, wild animals were on the rampage, pandemonium reigned . . . and the Hornet just takes off to his next adventure without doing anything about the disaster?
Yeah. And not only that, but the whole disaster was Mike Axford's fault for going off to confront the racketeers himself rather than calling the police. So he's personally to blame for millions in property damage, probably the deaths of a lot of animals, and perhaps even the deaths of people....
Good point! I'd forgotten that Axford was responsible, not the gangsters!

More post-mortem: Is Lenore Case the most-underutilized female lead in history? Did she do anything except answer the phone and chirpily defend the Hornet the whole series? Heck, I don't think she ever left Reid's office.

She was no Lois Lane . . . or even Margo Lane!
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