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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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^Agreed 100%. Context is so important.

I'll add that the first episode of Farscape really doesn't sell itself very well, IMO, except for one line which becomes retrospectively amazing. John telling Aeryn, "you can be so much more", is really powerful once you're more familiar with how great the show becomes. On its own, though, I'd hesitate to call the pilot episode -- or the second episode, for that matter, which is even worse -- a good sign of things to come.

It's a shame, because I love a strong beginning as much as the next fan, but frankly, it's forgivable. Viewer response to Farscape's premiere, somewhat unimaginatively named "Premiere", is going to be as mixed as anything -- I know people who say they were hooked from the start. In fact, I think someone said that in this very thread. But oftentimes, pilots have entirely too many growing pains. It's important to try to keep going a little bit before giving up, but if something offends you so badly, as in the case of Ian, well, so be it!

Good example -- I really didn't care for the two-hour pilot episode for Fringe. I watched it live in September 2008 and shrugged it off, despite admiring John Noble's acting in particular. The rest was kind of a mess to me. A couple of years later, my girlfriend managed to get me to watch a couple of later episodes with an open mind, and I decided that the pilot was just a poor example. I knew it was possible at the time, when I watched in '08, but it left such a sour impression on me that I didn't bother to keep going.

Sometimes watching an episode often lauded as strong -- preferably one with minimal long-ranging spoilers if possible -- is the best way to go in cases where legions of sci-fi fans insist you're missing out, but you watched the first hour and couldn't even get through it.
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