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Re: Re-watching Babylon 5 (* SPOILERS *)

DigificWriter wrote:
I also mentioned this earlier, but I've always felt a bit like Talia does in this episode when it comes to understanding the 'B' plot involving her, Kosh, and Abbut. JMS has said that he ended up letting the episode's writer, Larry DeTillo, script that plot despite not liking it very much, but that he probably wouldn't have returned to it to give it some resolution even if Andrea Thompson hadn't left the series. Despite its confusing nature, though, I do think the plot would've been worth revisiting, especially after having, as I mentioned, recently read a fanfic that did a pretty good job of revisiting it.
I'm in the middle of a rewatch myself, though I'm way ahead of you in Season 4. I remember deciding while watching this scene that Kosh knew about the sleeper personality in Talia, or at least suspected, and was using Abbut to confirm and/or glean info.

I honestly never liked Talia much. I didn't think she was that great of an actress, and her voice got on my nerves.
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