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Re: THE HOBBIT (2012/2013): News, Rumors, Pics Till Release

Damn it. Between the studios greed and Peter Jackson's massive, narccissitic ego they are absolutely determined to ruin The Hobbit. Expanding The Hobbit to two movies was bad enough but three is complete overkill. Three movies for a 300-page book? Really? The appendix only adds another 125. Are the actors even under contract for a possible third movie? Because if they're not, it's clear this is a spur of the moment cash grab/egofest. I hope it doesn't effect shooting for the third season of Sherlock, something I'm even more interested in seeing than The Hobbit, especially after this nonsense.

Jackson's statement is completely ridiculous. That part about the story of Bilbo Baggins story remaning untold is false. If Jackson would just tell the story of THE HOBBIT, it would cover the full story of Bilbo Baggins. Bilbo was just an ordinary guy who went on one great, grand adventure. He returned home after a year and lived a normal life until we meet up with him again in the first LOTR's book. The Hobbit is Bilbo's story. He's the lead character, not meant to be one of many like in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The events going on in Middle-Earth during the book were important but weren't meant to be like the War of the Ring.

If he had stuck with the earlier rumor (The Hobbit and a bridge movie) I think that would have been much better. But he's going with three movies and I'm betting he'll make them three hours each because he's in love with his overrated skills.

Look, I'm hoping I'm wrong about this. But I've seen what happens when Jackson's ego runs amok and it's called King Kong. He took a ninety-minute movie and made it a bloated, three-hour-plus "epic." What did Jackson add to it? A FORTY-FIVE-MINUTE voyage to Skull Island, the casting of Jack Black (he wanted to work with him and miscast him as a thoroughly unlikeable character) and a freaky love story between a woman and a friggin ape. The end result was a film that was both horseshit and forgettable. If Jackson hasn't learned anything from King Kong (and it looks like he hasn't), we might be treated to another bloated "epic." That means Jackson will go the way of Francis Ford Coppola, a once great filmmaker who lost his ability to make classic films because of his own insanity after the 70s.
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