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Re: 1:350 Scale Enterprise

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Very impressed great work there
Thank you!

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Wow it looks awesome - I salute your perfectionism. I've glued my saucer section already but I wouldn't have had the technical skill to do this! My one consolation is that even with the lights on, you can't see that much through the little windows - lol.

I bought about 50 of the citadel figures from the 80s and I'm going to paint a whole load of customised 25mm crew instead.
I'd like to see those figures. Mine are the Tamyia's.

As for the windows- I intend to enlarge them a little... I haven't done the math, but they look too small.

And here's a little update. The last for today- Some landscaping.

Being from Canada, it's getting a Canadian Shield type terrain. I know it looks messy, but there was a lot of work to make it look like this. I can not wait to paint this to really bring out the look!!!
Coool! Don't forget the bowling alley.

The crew are 25mm - too big for the model so I was just going to display them in front of the ship in a big wedge. They are caricatured - figures were not made to be as realistic in those days but they produced all the main crew, including Chapel and Rand as well as the various alien races. I figured with a few simple head swaps I can make about 50 crew. the only one I've done so far is transplant uhura's head onto a security guard's body to make Thel'Darra, a character from my Youtube comic.

I'm finishing my ship first, thnen I'll worry about converting and painting the crew!
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