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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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Even Breaking Bad sometimes has a slightly surrealistic style, even though it takes place in the real world, such as it is. Mad Men included an LSD trip this season. Cable is more willing to take creative risks and not insist that everything be straightforward and simple for the audience to grasp.
And True Blood has trippy, V-inspired hallucinations, as well the occasional visit to Faerie . . . . .

I think TV and movie viewers are a lot more tolerant of fantastical weirdness than some fans give them credit for.

Hell, the top-grossing movie of all time is about nine-foot-tall, blue-skinned, dragon-riding cat people on a colorful, 3D planet on the other side of the universe!

If audiences can handle Harry Potter and Avatar and American Horror Story, I think they can handle the Dread Dormammu!
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