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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Go peddle your kool-aid elsewhere, Legion, because it ain't selling with me.
No need to get so hostile. I prefer Farscape, but I don't feel a need to belittle B-5, which I have a lot of respect for.

I get that you're a big B-5 fan, and FS didnt work for you, but why go at FS so aggressively? Both shows had many good actors and interesting characters, including, in the case of FS, Crichton, Aeryn Sun, Chiana, Zhaan, Rigel, Pilot, Maya, Scorpius, Talyn, etc.

(See, I can remember their names even if you can't.)

It's not like we're comparing 2001 to Plan Nine here. Both shows were quality productions with devoted fan bases. Neither show is qualitatively better than the other. Any preferences are mostly a matter of taste.

B-5, at its best, was ambitious and epic and dramatic.
Farscape, at its best, was colorful and irreverent and emotionally gripping.

Personally, I lean toward colorful and irreverent, but, like I said, that's just a matter of taste. I have fond memories of B-5 as well.

That time Delenn turned back the enemy fleet? Great stuff. Just like the time Scorpius cut open Crichton's brain . . . .

(I'm trying to keep my spoilers vague here.)

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