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Re: TP: Raise the Dawn by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I'm less fond of Scotty bonking his head on a bulkhead and waking up in sickbay. Less fond of the weird, seems to be out of nowhere romance between him and Uhura.
Lately I'm increasingly making references to Roddenberry's TMP novelization, and the preface where he adopted the role of a 23rd-century writer who'd made a fictionalized account of the real adventures of the Enterprise, and admitted he'd taken poetic license and made mistakes in his interpretation. Sometimes it helps to perceive what we see as an approximation or dramatization of the "real" events, and recognize that some portions of the story may be exaggerated or fictionalized.

Coincidentally, those are almost all books I've never read. (Exceptions: "The Unhappy Ones," and your books, Christopher.) My TrekLit tends to be 24th-century centered.
Seriously -- you should read Vanguard.

But with the exception of In The Name of Honor and the Q books (less so), none of those books sound like they refer significantly to the Enterprise's absurd trip to the center of the galaxy, but instead focus on other, non-absurd things that are established by the film.
See above. Like I said, "the center of the galaxy" is only mentioned in three near-consecutive lines in a single scene, so you can just ignore that tiny part of the film and it ceases to be a problem. Or, you can assume that maybe "The Center of the Galaxy" is some traditional or poetic Vulcan name for a more local cosmic phenomenon, or something like that.

It's too bad that the real-world limitations of Trek productions prevent TPTB from focusing on the fact that people will probably age slower in the future, with extended lifetimes and better health care and stuff. "He's FOURTY-FIVE years old!? He doesn't look a day over thirty!!" That would be cool.
Well, they did make Picard ten years older than Patrick Stewart.
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