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Ian Keldon
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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Farscape - more imaginative,
Translation= funky but murky through story that doesn't seem to have much to say OR do a very good job of getting there.

better actors
Complete and utter horsecrap!

Katsulas, Jurrasic, and Furlan in particular stand head and shoulders above Browder or Claudia Black.

Boxleitner was excellent in his role as was Doyle, and Carter, Biggs, and Conaway are very strong supporting actors

more well-drawn characters
Londo, G'Kar, Franklin, D'lenn, et al vs a bunch of muppets whose names I can't ever remember?

Clear win for B5.

much more entertaining.
So entertaining I couldn't even make it through a full episode...

Go peddle your kool-aid elsewhere, Legion, because it ain't selling with me.

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