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zippers and carpet seams = new revelations in HD on TNG-R

I remember when TOS-R was released on Blu-ray that there were a few threads about noticeable zippers, “stunt boots”, 5'o clock shadows and all sorts of things that the high definition now made very obvious.

Now for TNG-R let's discuss the tiny items that were on the live-action set and never noticeable on the standard definition masters.
A few have been mentioned already like the stunt doubles' hairpiece & scuff marks on the set floor under the viewscreen.
and as RobertScorpio mentioned:
RobertScorpio wrote: View Post
when you've seen an episode, oh, 100+ times, finding these matt-paintings or zippers or what other tricks they did, is fun...F U
What else have you guys noticed on your 2nd or 3rd HD viewing of an episode you've seen dozens of times?
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