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I don't think they will reboot any time soon. Can't get the Joker right a second time. And nobody is going to reboot Batman without the Joker.
I don't foresee another solo Batman trilogy for another 10-15 years.
I respectfully say you're wrong there.

Batman movies have consistently been a huge earner for WB for over 20 years - even Batman and Robin made money for them. But the last 2 movies have taken the $$$$ to a new level for them (it's hard to remember now that Begins' box-office take was viewed as disappointing at the time). And Batman seems to be WB and DC's only surefire hit superhero, after Green Lantern flopped and Superman Returns underperformed.

Even after the mauling that B&R got, the series was rebooted (the first movie I remember this term being used in connection with) and back onscreen within 8 years (1997 - 2005). At the time, some thought that this was a bit soon but that was an eternity compared to the indecent haste with which The Amazing Spider-man rebooted the webslinger). WB are also rebooting Superman, with a 7 year gap between 2006's Superman Returns and next year's Man of Steel.

So to suggest that they'll put one of their biggest earners - and don't forget that they've also lost the money factory that is the Harry Potter series - into cold storage for over a decade, just seems way off the mark to me.
I can be Flexible in my opinions and you may be right!

My question is does Nolan have any say in the matter if WB wants to continue the franchise in a style similar or identical to his?
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