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Due to their reliability and endurance, the Miranda-Class starship found its way into the Border Service as well, where it was class as an escort cutter. The U.S.S. Peregrine is one such ship assigned to the Third Cutter Squadron. During the Talarian Incursion the ship was badly damaged, when it went up against six dah’je (Kamikaze) ships in order to save a full-scale evacuation of a Federation colony and research outpost.

The Command Staff onboard are:

Commanding Officer - Captain Harrison Richards (Human)
A charming and personable officer, he is very well liked by his crew—as he not only works shoulder-to-shoulder with them, but knows how to show his appreciation. It is rare for him to lose his temper, so when he does everyone knows it’s a bad situation. He and Hrezel served on the Silverfin at Conn and Ops respectively, so when he was promoted to Captain he poached the Saurian to serve under him.
First Officer - Commander Si Hrezel (Saurian)
With a pragmatic approach, he often plays devil’s advocate so they can fully assess a situation or plan—something Captain Richards likes to help him stay grounded. He has a quirky sense of humour that not everyone gets. He and Richards served on the Silverfin at Ops and Conn respectively.
Second/Chief Engineering Officer - Lt. Commander Paroth Atau (Rigellian IV)
With pointed ears, platinum blonde hair and an easy smile, many are thrown by him. It is one of the ‘perks’ of being a Vulcanoid Rigellian (according to him). He has easily bonded with Captain Richards and Commander Hrezel, so much so that they will often spend their time together whenever they are in port.
Chief Operations Officer - Lieutenant Tallulah Pryce (Human)
Nicknamed “Lu” by Captain Richards, it has stuck with the rest of the crew. With a sharp wit and a generous helping of sass it is easy to see why she and the Captain get along so well—which, of course, has led to many rumours about the two of them, none of which have been confirmed or denied.
Chief Flight Control Officer - Lieutenant Samyra (Vulcan)
Captain Richards has nicknamed her “Sammy”, though she has made it clear she only tolerates it from him. Calm, methodical and logical, she is a pillar of strength in the midst of a crisis. Her family disowned her when she left Vulcan to enter Starfleet.
Chief Medical Officer - Lieutenant Sahn (J’naii)
New to the Peregrine, it transferred onboard after the Talarian Incursion, and many on the crew have yet to get a feeling for their new Doctor. Efficient and highly-competent, it handles everything that comes into sickbay with a detached curiosity.
Chief Tactical Officer - Lieutenant JG Girenoff Na-Veisek (Efrosian)
A baby-faced young officer, the customary Efrosian moustache looks out of place on his youthful face, though he prefers to keep his hair short. As sharp as they come, there isn’t much that slips by him.
Chief of the Boat/Security - Senior Chief Petty Officer Ai Tanaka (Human)
With a hard, steely gaze, she often doesn’t need to say or do anything to persuade people to do what she wants them too. She bears a scar on her face; exactly where it came from is unknown, though it may have something to do with her deep dislike of the Klingons.
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