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The U.S.S. Obion is an asteroid breaker/warp tug assigned to the Third Squadron. Designed to clear shiplanes of navigational hazards and tow damaged ships to port, the Ouachita-Class has three deflector dishes, multiple tractor beam emitters and powerful impulse engines.

The ship’s Senior Officers are:

Commanding Officer - Captain Ghemari emal Verj (Tellarite)
As a Tellarite she often comes across as gruff and opinionated, but to her crew and close friends she is a warm and friendly woman, with a sarcastic wit. With over forty years’ worth of experience under her belt, she is only slightly behind that of Captain Yolix.
First/Chief Tactical Officer - Lt. Commander Kyle Asher (Human)
He has served under Captain Verj for several years, though at first unhappy with being assigned to a tug, he has since come to relish the challenges the ship presents. Promoted to XO after Commander Kane was reassigned, he has a lot to learn about Command.
Second/Chief Operations Officer - Lieutenant Ariene Neera (Orion)
A former Net-Girl on Fraalx III, she managed to escape her life of servitude and get to the Federation. There she managed to scrape through the Academy after which she was dumped onto the Border Service. Known for being a scrapper, she likes having the odds against her and nothing but her guile and wits (and more often than not her fists) to rely on.
Chief Engineering Officer - Lieutenant JG Tam Halgan (Betazoid)
Young and bright, his enthusiasm often leads him to act before fully thinking things through. Known for his ability to multi-task, he likes being given a problem and going off to solve it.
Chief Medical Officer - Lieutenant JG Janice Muir (Human)
When the Dominion War began, she signed up to be her patriotic duty. She was exposed to the full horrors of the war, but kept her head down and focused on her work. After the stop/loss order was rescinded she opted to remain in Starfleet, and was reassigned to the Obion. Not being Starfleet trained, she often flouts regs to get her job done.
Chief Flight Control Officer - Ensign Ramiero Vasquez (Human)
Fresh from the Academy, he was assigned to the Border Service and has been forced to learn on the job. With his head still filled with all the steadfast teachings of Starfleet procedures, his assignment to a tug is making his head spin.
Chief of the Boat - Chief Petty Officer Jeretran 6708 (Arcturian)
As with all Arcturian, he is a clone and as such has an odd outlook on life. Though he will fight tooth and nail to save others, he would happily give his life for another. Many new additions to the crew find his almost preoccupation with death to be unsettling.
Commander Austin Harris, First Officer, Deep Space Nine (by FltCpt. Bossco)
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