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The U.S.S. Medusa is one of two Griffin-Class ships assigned to the Third Squadron to replace the two lost during the Incursion. In service for over twenty years, the class has proved itself time and again as being a hearty and reliable addition to the Border Service fleet. Its design was ahead of its time, with a few elements more commonly associated with the Intrepid-Class.

The Senior Staff are:

Commanding Officer - Captain Tahnasarai zh’Thara (Andorian)
Her career began in the Marine Corp, but when she was a Captain she was critically injured on assignment. Once healed, she was unable to return to duty (due to the nature of her injury), so she was offered the chance to transfer her commission. She accepted and opted for the Border Service. Her marine training hasn’t left her, and she still behaves as a marine officer would. She prefers the simple version of her name, Sarai.
First Officer - Commander Bethany O’Connell (Human)
Fourth generation Border Service, she grew up listening to the stories of her families exploits and adventures. She knew she would follow in their footsteps, despite the danger involved. Her more relaxed manner makes her a good counter to Captain Sarai, but she is by no means a pushover.
Second/Chief Operations Officer - Lt. Commander Sofie Larsdottir (Human)
Tall and stunning-beautiful, she was born and raised in Norway. On duty it would be difficult to find a more focused officer, off-duty however she is a bit of a wild child—so it’s hardly surprising that many of her shipmates call her “Viking”.
Chief Engineering Officer - Lt. Commander Yassa Nol (Catullan)
A brilliant mechanical engineer, she likes nothing better than getting her hands dirty fixing things—it’s a rare occasion when she isn’t covered in grease and grim. She loves the opportunities her position offers her for tinkering with technology, but she hates all the paperwork.
Psychiatrist - Lt. Commander Nalath L’Jae (Centaurian)
Originally on temporary assignment to do a study on the crews stress and mental health over a prolonged period, due to his additional training in diplomacy and xenology he was able to prevent a disastrous situation, after which he was accepted into the crew. Quiet, observant and patient, he is surprised that he is enjoying his post as much as he is.
Chief Tactical Officer - Lieutenant Tohra Ijen (Bajoran)
A former officer with the Bajoran Militia, she transferred her commission when it was merged with Starfleet upon Bajor’s admittance into the Federation. She grew up fighting the Cardassians, which has left her with a deep hatred of them. As a former Resistance fighter, she will always stand up for the weak and powerless, regardless of who she is against.
Chief Medical Officer - Lieutenant Atalik Kovács (Human)
Of Hungarian origin, he grew up on a small colony on the outer reaches of Federation space, where life was often challenging. He learned from his mother about the healing properties of plants. When he announced his decision to leave to study medicine, she fully supported him. Due to his upbringing, he will always muck in with what needs doing despite his position.
Chief Flight Control Officer - Lieutenant JG Vehl Laayd (Rhaandarite)
Considered a “slow learner” on Rhaandara, he entered Starfleet to get away from the judgemental views of his peers. Oddly for a Rhaandarite, who aren’t known for making quick decisions, he is somewhat impulsive.
Chief of the Boat/Security - Senior Chief Petty Officer Chris Parker (Human)
Born a Boomer, he was constantly on the move as a child, visiting many different worlds and stations on his parents’ freighter. When he was eighteen the ship was attacked and boarded by Orion pirates, during which time he did his best to keep them out of the cargo holds. When a Border Service cutter arrived to assist, he saw them at work and knew he wanted to join.
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