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On the one hand, I'd almost like to see the next Batman go the Brave and the Bold route and embrace the wild, retro, comedy/fantasy/sci-fi side of Batman. But on the other hand, the Schumacher films tried to do campy, funny Batman and they didn't entirely work out well, since they took it to too much of an extreme.
(emphasis added by me)

I'd say that one of the problems with B&R's camp is that they didn't take it far enough. At least with the 1960s show, the unashamedly made it tongue-and-cheek (even if they may not have been intending it to be 'camp'). They embraced the silliness whole-heartedly and went all the way with it.

With B&R, they didn't quite know what they wanted to do, which made it even more of a mish-mash and a mess. You had all the corny one-liners and jokes but then again, you had a plotline featuring an ailing Alfred, which was played straight (and given some dignity by the late Michael Gough). You had Mr Freeze grieving for his wife and you had tension between Bruce and Dick.

It was like they were trying to mix some of the seriousness of the Burton movies along with the camp of the 1960s show and ended up doing neither right. At least the 1960s show was good at what it did.
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