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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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Can someone please go into detail as to what the audio issue is and on what episodes it can be found? I only watched a couple of scenes in "Encounter At Farpoint" so far but haven't noticed any audio problems.
“Encounter at Farpoint” has the dialogue unbalanced in the center and front right channels. The left channel is correct (no dialogue).

The other episodes, “Hide and Q”, “Haven”, “The Big Goodbye” and “Datalore” on disc 3... and “11001001″ and “Too Short a Season” on disc 4 have the dialogue spread equally across the entire front soundstage (L, C, R) and thus a problem is hard to perceive unless you walk up to the speaker(s) and notice that dialogue is present.

The dialogue is loud and clear in the left and right channels in the aforementioned episodes. The rest of the season's episodes have proper 7.1 mixes (i.e. dialogue in center channel only).

The first 2:25 of the 7.1 DTS-HD track on "Haven" is particularly poor sounding, when heard mixed down to 2.0 on TV speakers... then it suddenly switches and is fine... then at 27:27 you can hear the echo kick in until the end of the episode.

The same goes for "11001001". Everyone sounds like Darth Vader! -- this time for the whole episode.
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