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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Farscape is better than Babylon 5 in many departments (acting, humor, visual effects) and slightly more ambitious than Babylon 5 in the way it upends genre expectations. Some are put off by the series' extensive use of puppetry and its rather off-beat sense of humor, though.

The first seasons of both shows exhibit growing pains, but plant seeds for the future, so it's not a great idea to miss them. The first season of Babylon 5 is especially rough, and the pilot only moreso ("The Gathering," which is part of the movie box set and not the first season box set, at least in the US). Farscape, in my estimation, took less time to find its voice.

Both series end up being rather arc-based, and manage to finish off those arcs, but leave a number of minor arcs dangling.

In the end, I like both series, but prefer Farscape.
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