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Re: General Music Thread

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Here's a newer group from Norway/Denmark called Amaranthe. Three vocalists, clean female, clean male & a growler. A little synthy for my normal tastes, but heavy enough to forget that
The singer reminds me a bit of Lacuna Coil's Cristina Scabbia.
Apocalyptica ft Cristina Scabbia -SOS

I've got one of Apocalyptica's (Worlds Collide) albums and I like it a lot.

*nods* know, the comparison to Lacuna Coil was not lost on me either. That was my first thought, in fact. I only have one of Lacuna Coil's albums (Dark Adrenaline) but I would like to get a couple of the earlier ones. Seems like a few of them have good reviews on Amazon and the couple of videos I have checked out have been pretty good.

As for Apocalyptica...I like World's Collide too. In all honestly, I like them much better when they do stuff like that - team up with singers so there are vocals.

The song that got my attention, in fact, was this one:

This video also got me interested in Stone Sour, by the way...because it made me realize that when he's not screaming in those stupid costumes in Slipknot, Corey Taylor has an excellent voice and is actually a pretty nice looking guy - not nearly as scary as his Slipknot image.
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