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Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5

You know, as awesome as the writing on this show is, the one thing I still have trouble buying is that this is all happening over the course of one year.

Are we really supposed to believe all these crazy, insane things have happened to these guys in only that amount of time? From boiling those people in the bathtub to blowing up Tuco, all the RV stuff, the plane crash, the entire Gus Fring saga, Hank's shooting, Jesse's downward drug spiral, the killing of Gale, the magnet caper, and of course whatever else is still to happen this season...

I can maybe accept all that happening over the course of 2 or 3 years (maybe), but one year seems to be stretching plausibility QUITE a bit.

Hell, Hank's recovery alone seems like it should have taken at least one year. And are we really supposed to believe Walt goes from that clueless, wimpy schoolteacher to a gritty, hardcore drug kingpin in only one year as well?
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