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Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5

The house fumigation gambit is inventive but pretty implausible. It opens up too many risks. They found one nanny cam, but who's to say there aren't more? What happens when they fumigate the house of some paranoid nut job who has his whole house wired up? What if the cops are already onto the burglary scam and are luring the fumigators into a sting operating set up in a house, unawares they are about to catch much larger fish?

Hmm, I wonder. The writers made a big deal about how the fumigators are burglars, but that detail has no purpose in the story. yet.

And how long could that burglary scam go unnoticed anyway? if my house were burgled, my first thought would be to think about who had the keys, especially if they weren't someone I'd been hiring for a long time, like a maid service. some one shot thing like a fumigator...a couple complaints to the cops, and they're the target of an investigation.
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