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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

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Imagine if Kosh were in the wormhole in the pilot episode of DS9, forced to explain linear time to the Prophets. I think that would be the most confusing, convoluted, longwinded and ultimately, seemingly completely aimless script a writer would ever be tasked with.
Is that a challenge?

Oh what the hell, I'll give it a go:

Kosh: You do not understand, but you will.
Prophets: Will?
Kosh: In the future.
Prophets: Future?
KosH: Yes.
Propehts: But you exist here.
Kosh: Yes. I have always been here.
Prophets: Always ... never ... these have no meaning to us.
Kosh: You are a closed circle. You are returning to the beginning.
Prophets: Beginning?
Kosh: .....You do not understand.
Propehts: No, we don't.

*Approximately five billion years later ... or yesterday.*

*Kosh exits the wormhole, muttering what sounds suspiciously like a string of Vorlon expletives. He fetches Sisko from the station and brings him back into the wormhole with him.*

Sisko: Why am I here?
Kosh: You have always -
Sisko: Oh don't give me that crap. You couldn't figure out how to explain linear time to them, could you?
Kosh: Impudent!
Sisko: Up yours!
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