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Re: Hope Solo: Babe of the week #31 (July 2012)

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Emilia.. i don't know you except for your posts here and TNZ and i like them, you seem like a cool woman, well spoken and able to hold an argument.

I also don't know how you look and what your personal style is but if you've ever put on make up, a tighter than necessary dress or some high heels then you've got absolutely no leg to stand in this line of discussion.
That a load of bullshit. And not just a small dog turd, it's a big fuming pile of manure.

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Men judge women by their looks.. it was like this from the beginning and most likely will always be like this.
There is nothing wrong with looking at women. I thought we already did this dance. The problem is when you go from "I think she's hot" to "I think she's fucking ugly and I will tell everyone how her uglyness compare with other women's ugliness".

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I am a man and i too judge a woman by her looks.. it is the first thing we get from another person and in these first few moments we decide if there is interest or not.
That was never the issue. You either didn't read the thread, or didn't care about what people said.

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I don't see the problem in that at all..
Well, if you don't see the problem, then it doesn't exist, I guess. Compare with "Don't be That Guy". (I am just going to use that reference from now on, because it's brilliant.)

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i get judged too by women when i walk the street many times a day and don't notice it at all.
The idea that men are subjected to the same level of scrutiny about their looks as women is ludicrous at best, and idiotic at worst. Also, nice diversion: compare with "Don't be That Guy", about shifting the issue from the problems of women to the problems of men, which, while real and a reason of concern, is just that: a diversion. Also, as I mentioned to Rush, "other people do it too" it's not a good defence.

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So how about everyone chills out a bit and gets real.. we are doing nothing else than what we do dozens and hundreds of times a day when we walk through the city (especially when it's summer)..
So how about you stop speaking about things you have no experience of, and listen to the women here (which have come unanimously to tell people they were uncomfortable with these threads?) instead of telling them how they should feel about the issue? (also, compare with "Don't be That Guy.)

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i'm not ashamed to say that i like to see attractive women but i also realize that there is a person behind the great body i just saw.
Good for you. Now it's time to educate the rest.
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