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Re: Hope Solo: Babe of the week #31 (July 2012)

FPAlpha wrote: View Post
If you've ever thought about a woman "Damn she's hot.." then you've got no leg to stand on either.
Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong.

Again, you draw no distinction between thinking something and uttering it. You also don't think one should agitate against one's own inappropriate thoughts, apparently.

You can be all protective and gentlemanlike you want but in the end it boils down to this.

Men like attractive women but the good ones know that this is just the outer layer of a person and there's more to every person than their body.
Well, everybody likes attractive people. That's so obvious as to not need mentioning.

The problem in these threads is men focusing entirely on the physical, reinforcing the attitude that a woman's physical attributes are all that matters, and by extension, that she consists of nothing else.

I'll turn my head after an attractive woman till the day i die and it is the same for women.. if you deny this then you are disingenious and at worst someone who idolizes women as some kind of fantasy creature to be worshipped.
I get the feeling you haven't paid even the slightest bit of attention to what's being complained about here.

Men and women do this and i see no fault in it.. the fault would be to stop at the outer layer and i'll have no further interest in any person who reduces a person to just their body.
Yes, well, stopping at the outer layer is pretty much the whole raison d'Ítre of these threads.
It's all false love and affection
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