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Re: USS Copernicus, NCC-640 or 623?

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Oookay... Apparently, the Blu-Ray reworking of "The Naked Now" gives us a new registry number for the Oberth class model seen on screen there, one matching the five-digit number seen on said ship's dedication plaque. That is, the earlier three-digit number is now gone (from all but one overlooked scene).
Trekcore now has caps from all of "The Naked Now" online, and the "corrected" NCC# for Tsiolkovsky ONLY appears in one scene (where the Enterprise puts a tractor beam on her) with both ships shown in profile. In all the other scenes (3/4 aft views), the 640 number is clearly visible). (early scene) (corrected scene) (later scene) (last scene)

Looks like the FX team got lazy and only touched up the "most visible" shot.
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