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Re: Hope Solo: Babe of the week #31 (July 2012)

Let's run this post through the Men's Rationalizing Bullshit Detector (patent pending):

FPAlpha wrote: View Post
I also don't know how you look and what your personal style is but if you've ever put on make up, a tighter than necessary dress or some high heels then you've got absolutely no leg to stand in this line of discussion.
"If you ever dress in a provocative fashion, you are inviting men to objectify you and therefore you have no right to complain about it."

Men judge women by their looks.. it was like this from the beginning and most likely will always be like this. The only thing that changes occasionally is the ideal of what constitutes attractive.. some time ago it was voluptuous women, now it's size zero. I am a man and i too judge a woman by her looks.. it is the first thing we get from another person and in these first few moments we decide if there is interest or not.
"Men can only think with their penises. A woman's initial value to a man is her suitability for copulation, a judgment made solely on the basis of her appearance and style of dress. There is nothing wrong with this."

I don't see the problem in that at all.. i get judged too by women when i walk the street many times a day and don't notice it at all. The difference however is that women usually are not that idiotic to whistle and holler when they see an attractive man or even try to get a grab.. that's usually the domain of male morons who really think of women as meat and not a person.
"I am judged by women for my looks all the time and I am never bothered by it, therefore no woman has any right to be. My experience must be universal. I need to tell women how they are thinking incorrectly on this subject."

This is in no way the habit here or else the Mods would have closed the threads ages ago and imposed a ban. It is people judging others usually by looks alone.. some go a bit too far with their comments but go on Youtube and read some comments when there is an attractive woman in the video.. compared to that the people here are conservative prudes.
"Tradition is the only justification one needs for continuing an offensive behavior."

So how about everyone chills out a bit and gets real.. we are doing nothing else than what we do dozens and hundreds of times a day when we walk through the city (especially when it's summer).. i'm not ashamed to say that i like to see attractive women but i also realize that there is a person behind the great body i just saw.
"I cannot tell the difference between having a spontaneous thought that objectifies women and feeling the need to share that thought with others in as crass a manner as possible."
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