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Re: General Music Thread

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^ Wow! Not bad! Not bad at all! I might just have to pay attention to those guys! I'm usually not all that big a fan of the whole 'hot female vocalist in skimpy clothing' they are trying to appeal to primarily males through the skimpy clothing etc. As a female, my first reaction to that kind of band is usually "Okay - fine. I'll just leave then!" But they do sound pretty doggone good...

Seems like the Scandinavians are getting more and more of a corner on the metal market. Lots of decent bands coming out of there.

So far, I think my favorites are Opeth and Apocalyptica...but there are several good ones!

Thanks for posting! I enjoyed those!!!!
If we count Finland as "Scandinavian", they've had the corner on that market for a long time.

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Here's a newer group from Norway/Denmark called Amaranthe. Three vocalists, clean female, clean male & a growler. A little synthy for my normal tastes, but heavy enough to forget that
The singer reminds me a bit of Lacuna Coil's Cristina Scabbia.
Apocalyptica ft Cristina Scabbia -SOS

I've got one of Apocalyptica's (Worlds Collide) albums and I like it a lot.
Yeah, Cristina is amazing, in every possible way. Lacuna Coil is more goth metal as a group.

I have 7th Symphony from Apocalyptica and plan to get the rest on my next big CD buying frenzy.

3 vids from their last album (a trilogy of sorts).

All have guest vocalists since they don't have one in the group.

Their Metallica covers were awesome, but I think I like the original material a little better.
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