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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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Strange...I was just thinking how timeless the show looked earlier today and it comes off more cinematic than it did with the SD version(an impression which is verified for myself by both my own reaction and that of others to the theatrical screenings)...unlike even shows of today it looks like they were trying to make little mini-movies. Comparing it to TOS? Well since I was there and watching TOS 25 years after it was made I think STNG looks less dated at 25 years in 2012 than TOS did in 1991.

I would agree. Some of the stories are clearly dated (and for some reason feel like they were lifted from old episodes of Buck Rogers or Time Tunnel), but the show itself looks absolutely fantastic now.

If it wasn't for the feathery 80s hairstyles and 4:3 framing it would probably hold it's own with any show on air today. At least visually speaking.
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