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Re: General Music Thread

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Nice. They sound a bit like The Hoosiers- to some extent.
Hummm....not if that link is any indication. The Hoosiers are way too 'poppy' to be close to The Shins - The Shins have a much more stripped down indie sound with less synth, etc. More examples:

I'll be honest, I don't usually go for the really hard stuff. I'm more of a soft rock/indie/indie rock/electronica/classic rock fan, but there's always a few heavier tracks that I like every now and again. I don't go for the metal style 'screaming'. I like Linkin Park, but when the screaming comes in I often cringe. That last one you gave me however, really is quite nice.
You mean that Korn track? You liked that? Wow!

I don't know if you listened to that Avenged Sevenfold track or not...but outside of the very beginning, there is not any screamo on it. True, it's metal...but not screamo metal. I'm not a huge fan of a lot of screamo either. I mean, it's fine here and there in a band's repertoire...but I don't care for a band whose songs are all screamo...or even a band who has screamo in every song. I don't mind it...but it has to be fairly limited.

And by the way, Avenged Sevenfold is known for having a very wide range, in terms of genres they do well - they are not just about metal, but have a strong reputation for being able to cross genres with amazing ease. True...there are a lot of intense guitar riffs and hard rock/metal songs. But I think you would be very, very surprised.

About as close to Alt-Country as a metal band gets:

Rock Ballad...written by Synyster Gates upon the death of A7X's drummer in December 2009 (the guys in this band grew up together and were all best friends):

Rock song, really....with a metal-esque guitar solo...but pretty mid-range, really:

This band even has a song that has a couple of choral sequences in it...and one that starts out metal and ends up with an amazing classical guitar sequence. And yes, I do mean classical guitar. Don't believe me? Try 4:45 to the end, with 6:00 to the end being purely classical guitar:

Beginning to understand why I think this band is so talented? I don't know of any other metal bands (or any bands, PERIOD) that are capable of writing across all those genres, let alone playing across all of them with such technique!

Well, here in the UK there's not much chance of DCFC being 'overplayed' as they haven't had much radio play, nor have they charted any higher than #24 in the Albums chart and they've missed the top 60 altogether in singles. I 'found' them because my cousin from South Africa liked them a lot, so I asked about them. I have played Plans loads, but it's different when you put the songs on yourself.

Yeah...I think what is played here and what is played there must be very different, once you get outside the pure pop realm. The latest Death Cab album was very much promoted over here...but you say you would not have heard of them if it hadn't been for this cousin in SA? Wow! That's incredible...because it would have been impossible to miss them if you lived in the US.

But then, I'd not heard of The Hoosiers before today...and I see from Wikipedia that they are a UK band. So that explains it, I guess...the other part being that I don't listen to pop stations at all. I do listen sometimes to indie rock stations...but I've never heard them on there....

Oh...and yeah...your dad and I are pretty close in age...he only has me by a couple of years. Which is about what I expected based on what you have written about his vinyl collection. Mine looks very similar!
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