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Re: TP: Zero Sum Game by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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^Perhaps it has--which is, again, quite suprising. Again, a sudden lack of stability in one of the most feared agencies in the known Alpha/Beta Quadrants. One wonders if sabotage was a determining factor in that.
The four praetors before Kamemor's ascension--Dralath, Narviat, Neral, and Hiren--all died unnatural deaths, Dralath dying after attacking Narendra III as his final depraved act and Hiren's death being part and parcel of Shinzon's decapitation of the Romulan government, the last three praetors reigning and dying in the space of a decade.

Having the Tal Shiar not be as capable as it might be in this worsening political climate is normal.

But adressing whether the Tal Shiar would accept the possibility of a sexual encounter--again, how could the agency miss a foreigner coming into such contact with the Praetor as to infect her--without suspicion.
Going by the description of Dor's infection in Rough Beasts of Empire, all the body contact it takes to transmit the disease is a handshake.

If the disease has a long incubation period and is very difficult to detect unless you're specifically looking for it, then it would be very difficult for Romulan Security to pick it up. This is especially the case since it seems to be endemic to the Romulan population--maybe it's present among other Vulcanoid populations, maybe it's not.

Why would the Tal Shiar think that the disease would have been acquired from a non-Romulan?
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