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And I still say that "serious" is not the only legitimate way to do comics.
While this is true we've gone from Howard The Duck in the '70s to the much darked themed "humor" of Lobo. However I did love John Byrne's runs on She-Hulk's book and Petere David's run on The Incredible Hulk. I doubt if they're going to bring back Bat-Mite anytime soon.

Everything changes. Right now it is dark and serious is all the rage. In time the pendulum will start heading in the other direction. Fads come and go and at some point audiences will want superheroes that are a little more lighthearted.
I'd agree if comic books were still written for kids, the lighthearted approach is now even more grown up just not as dark as Byrne's runs on She-Hulk and David's run on the Hulk showed.
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