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Re: TP: Raise the Dawn by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Picard brought Troi on diplomatic missions all the time for these purposes all the time. The FBI analogy overstates Troi's invasiveness. Picard is a great people reader, but Troi, empathic abilities aside, is, as you said, a trained people reader, and is theoretically an expert in that field. I'm just surprised that Picard never had such an expert (obviously with a more opaque title) sit in a meeting with the Romulans. I know Hegol Den is not cleared for command decisions, but I believe he would have the training.
I'm not sure what you think they would have caught. "The Romulan commander is tense and is hiding something." Well, duh. They're from mutually suspicious cold war antagonists -- both sides are hiding something.
True, but they might have caught that T'Jul and Tomalak were lying about different things. Though I suppose that wouldn't have ended up changing much... I concede the practicality of the point, but I'm still surprised that Picard didn't try to use all the resources at his disposal.

On a completely unrelated note: who is stationed where on the Enterprise's bridge?

I have:
Big Chair: Picard
Riker's old chair: Worf
Troi's old chair: ???
For the duration of this mission, Spock, as Federation liaison to the I.R.W. Eletrix, was sitting in Troi's old chair.
Do we know who sat in Troi's place before PoN?

Ops: Glinn Dygan (loved that!!)
Conn: is it still Faur?
Tactical: Choudhury

Do Elfiki, Hegol or Chen have particular stations on the bridge? And is there an established Engineering station on the E-E's bridge, like there was on the D?
Elfiki sits at a science station on the bridge. Hegol, so far as I can recall, is not a bridge officer. Chen usually mans the conn.
Where did Chen sit before she manned the conn (ie. in Destiny,ASD and PoD? I'm rereading Greater Than The Sum, and it seems like Christopher implies that she will be sitting in Deanna's seat, fulfilling Troi's bridge officer role as de facto contact specialist.
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