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Re: TP: Zero Sum Game by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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As a rule--and I'm speaking as a reader/audience-member---if the ratio of audience knowledge to relevant-character knowledge results in a major imbalance on our part...the greater or more significant the imbalance, the greater the rist that said character comes across as an idiot. The "Don't go in there!" effect: the further we see the character go into what we see as a clear danger to them, without said character giving any indication of awareness of said danger...that character looks more and more like an idiot.

Sorry, but that's a fact of life. The greater the imbalance, the greater the sense that someone should know such-and-such.
I'm sorry to hear that you have trouble separating your knowledge as an audience member from a reasonable assessment of what the characters can know.

I find it amazing that the Tzenkethi seemed to think they could afford to gamble on Kammemor's character, like that. For all they know, her being so "nice" is an act. Could they afford to take that chance?
1. It's spelled "Kamemor."

2. The idea that that's an act is highly implausible. Kamemor had by 2382 been active in Romulan politics for decades and decades -- she was part of the Romulan delegation negotiating the 2311 Treaty of Algeron in Serpents Among the Ruins -- and she had in the past suffered from political marginalization as a result of her anti-imperialist views. If you're a Tzenkethi looking to put an anti-imperialist Romulan into the praetor's office, Kamemor is your best bet.

Also--if the borders between the IRS and the RSE are established, why go to the trouble? Stability would be achieved in that way
Nonsense. Neither side was going to be able to live in peace with the other in the long run; they would inevitably go to war with one-another and drag their respective allies into the conflict. Far better for interstellar stability if there is a single Romulan state run by an anti-imperialist.
...who was known for advocating peace with the UFP. In other words--if tensions between the Pact and the Alliance reach a high enough point, the risk is considerable that Kammemor would push for the RSE changing sides...thus weakening the influence of the Pact.
I think it's a huge reach to jump from, "She favors peace with the Federation" to "She'll betray her Typhon Pact treaty partners."
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