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I wonder if Scotty will be court matialed.
I doubt it. Court room drama doesn't really seem like exciting ground for an ongoing comic book series. Especially when we know Scotty would be cleared of all charges since he is going to be in the next movie.
I could not disagree more strongly.

First of all I fail to understand how an ongoing comic book series is any different from a tv series, novel series, or movie series. All three medium have employed the device of a trial of some sort and done it in a way that is "exciting". Star Trek itself is well known for stories that have involved legal proceedings and they are very well regarded indeed.

Secondly while there is no dispute that Scotty is going to be in the next movie that does not dictate that he would be cleared of ALL charges. But even if he were the whys and wherefores of the story behind his court martial and clearance could done properly be very interesting indeed.

Now I can certainly understand if you are actually simply meaning that you would not find such a story interesting or worth reading. But trust me there are some (and perhaps more than some) who would hold quite the opposite opinion.
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