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Re: Your favourite Batman...

I applaud Nolan for making the effort to make Batman seem credible as opposed to trying to portray a storybook fantasy with little resemblance to the real world. Watching Burton's Batman is like something out of a distorted dream. I'm never really moved because it's so obviously faked.

When I was seven years old I liked the Adam West series, but then I didn't recognize the camp and parody. I didn't understand it and only saw colour and adventure and cool gadgets. But within a few years I discovered the 1970's comics and a more interesting Batman. Along with that I had gained enough added perception to see how silly the '60's series was. I was then offended because I resented the mockery of what I saw as a great character.

Now I can occasionally smirk when I see the Adam West version, but at heart I still resent the extensive parody. While I don't agree with everything in the Nolan film's I appreciate him evoking something of what I saw in those 1970's comics.

I also appreciate that Nolan was going for something more in his Batman films. Just as science fiction can be a setting for raising questions and issues (even if you don't get definate answers) Nolan used Batman as a setting to pose questions and issues. And different people are going to get different things out of them.

More succinctly, The Avengers was a comic book movie (and an entertaining one at that). Nolan's trilogy are films that happen to have Batman in them. That kind of clever storytelling really clicks for me.
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