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1. The triumph of the will is nonsense, commonly pernicious nonsense. The notion that there is some sort of divine gift, a charisma, that enables heroes to overawe all and sundry also is nonsense. There's always a Thersites. If Homer knew it, so should we all.

What I saw in Batman was brains over brawn, and the victory of heroism against brutality.
I think you're arguing semantics here. No one said anything about a divine gift or charisma - the way I see it, will here is the courage common to anyone who can lay down at the end of a horrible day and say, I will try again tomorrow.
Right. Nobody's talking about charisma or overawing people. "Force of will" means determination, dedication, refusal to give up. Force of will is Spider-Man in the iconic issue #33, refusing to surrender even when a whole building is pinning him down.
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