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Re: TP: Raise the Dawn by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Though I don't know if I agree with her assessment that it was out of character for Spock -- this is the same character who, after all, in "Where No Man Has Gone Before," almost immediately jumped to, "You have to kill Gary Mitchell now" long before Mitchell actually became violent or threatening.
But that's not what Spock actually said. His actual recommendation was to strand Mitchell on Delta Vega. When Kirk balked at that, Spock pointed out that the only alternative was to kill him. Spock wasn't actually advocating that, he was trying to convince Kirk that stranding Mitchell, harsh though it seemed, was the most humane option available.

And who, for that matter, in the Abrams timeline, literally had Kirk marooned on an ice planet because he believed Kirk would raise a mutiny against him if he didn't.
Well, he was "emotionally compromised" at that point, by his (future alternate self's) own admission. And he did land Kirk close to a Starfleet outpost. I imagine that if Kirk had had the good sense to stay in the pod, Scott and Keenser would've picked up its locator signal and come to retrieve him in some sort of vehicle.
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