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Re: TP: Zero Sum Game by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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You admit that the Tzenkethi will doubtless screw up.
Sure. But who knows what they'll screw up at?

Frankly, such a screw-up would expose how deep they are in the pool, provided the Tzentkethi don't get out of said pool beforehand. By that I mean: a screw-up leads to exposure of their current operation, which leads to suspicion, which leads to investigation....
It's possible, of course. But the fact remains that there is at this point no evidence that anyone else has any knowledge of the Tzenkethi role in Tal'Aura's death -- nor any guarantee that their role would be suspected or detected in any later investigation. Don't project your omniscience as an audience member upon the characters.

Again, Sci--Tal'Aura would have been far less able to dominate the Pact than a Kammemor would, because she is so overt.
Yes, I understand your argument. And I am saying that even if Kamemor is in a better position to dominate, she never would, and this is why the Tzenkethi wanted her as Romulan Praetor.

Also--if the borders between the IRS and the RSE are established, why go to the trouble? Stability would be achieved in that way
Nonsense. Neither side was going to be able to live in peace with the other in the long run; they would inevitably go to war with one-another and drag their respective allies into the conflict. Far better for interstellar stability if there is a single Romulan state run by an anti-imperialist.
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